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Assisted Sailing

We have a team of dedicated sailors, who volunteer their time and skills to ensure every visitor has the best sailing experience possible.


Our fleet includes specialist dinghies which have been designed for people with disabilities; some of these enable those with the most limited mobility to sail using an electric servo assist system operated by either a wheelchair style joystick controller, a chin control or a sip & puff system.


The servo system operates the ropes and rudder but the sailor reads the wind direction, sets the sails and carries out the same manoeuvres as for any sailing boat. These specialist Access dinghies ensure sailors with a disability can experience true independence.

Our boats for juniors are designed to maximise their sense of independence, and develop a new skill quickly.


Our most advanced sailors with disabilities have used our specialist dinghies to go racing around the UK, participating in the National Racing Series and the Hansa Class World championships.


Many of our assisted sailors come as part of a group. We encourage carers to accompany their groups and participate as much as they can themselves, as additional volunteers.


We can provide guidance on risk assessments and our standard procedures, please contact us for more information.


We have hoists to enable people to be safely and gently transferred between wheelchair and boat. For many people with disabilities driving a vehicle is not possible, consequently the freedom and independence gained when sailing autonomously can be a very fulfilling and liberating experience.


We welcome new sailors all year around.

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