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The spirit of Tideway encourages all our members to volunteer and help each other, irrespective of any disability. Whether it is launching boats for those who cannot or less physical help such as offering advice and sailing tips; everyone at Tideway has something to offer, even if it is simply inspirational by being brave enough to sail against all the odds.


Learn to sail while helping others to sail


You can quickly pick up the basics in our easy to sail accessible dinghies, designed for people with limited mobility, they are stable and forgiving. Initially one of our experienced volunteers will accompany you. Soon you will have learnt enough to sail on your own, and then take others for a sail or crew on the Hawk dayboats.


Can you already sail?

After an initial induction and assessment we will quickly find a role for you on the water.  Whatever your sailing experience, we can help you learn a bit more while you pass on your knowledge and experience to others. We can help you gain Safety Boat qualifications and experience of acting as Officer of the Day or Race Officer. Our Hawk dayboats can provide a taste of bigger boat sailing, and more challenging sailing when we take them away from the Dock for weekends.


Shore Volunteers

Providing a friendly face when people arrive, assisting people into buoyancy aids, pushing wheelchairs or even keeping up that very British tradition of making a much appreciated cup of tea are all tasks which may appeal to those who want to come along and be part of Tideway but would prefer not to sail.


We also welcome assistance in running Tideway’s office with management, logistical, fund raising and marketing.


Volunteer for as little or up to as much time as you wish.


We welcome new volunteers all year around and we run regular induction sessions.

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