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As we are 100% run by volunteers, all money raised goes on the activities, premises and boats. We are funded by a mixture of sailing fees and donations. We keep the sailing fees as low as we can to make ourselves accessible to as many people as possible and rely on donations to make up the rest.


Please support us to allow us to keep the charges low and increase the scope of our activities. We currently provide over 1,000 sailing sessions a year and would like to continue to increase that. All donations are gratefully received, either a one-off donation or a regular monthly amount




Make a donation (via our Local Giving page- opens in new page)

If you would like us to increase your donation though gift aid please fill out and return the New Gift Aid Form to


Download the form here.



We are funded from three main sources:

Sailing fees - a mixture of annual fees and/or session fees at levels designed to be affordable for both regular sailors and intermittent sailors. We aim to cover about 2/3rds of our annual running costs (excluding purchases of new equipment and depreciation of previously purchased equipment)


Donations - the remaining 1/3 of annual running costs, or about £5,000.00


Grants and special fund raising for new equipment - most of our new equipment is funded by specific funding raised for the purpose. We aim to care for and maintain our assets to maximise their life, using a significant proportion of volunteer maintenance time.

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