As we are 100% run by volunteers, all money raised goes on the activities, premises and boats. We are funded by a mixture of sailing fees and donations. We keep the sailing fees as low as we can to make ourselves accessible to as many people as possible and rely on donations to make up the rest.


The sailing fees cover our basic running costs (rent, fuel, insurance etc) but not the wear and tear on our equipment and facilities or for the purchase of new equipment. We have an experienced volunteer maintenance team who do most of the work but materials need to be paid for.


All donations are gratefully received, either a one-off donation or a regular monthly amount in cash or in kind.



Membership costs £1/year for all volunteers and sailors.


Sailing fees

If you want to sail on your own or as an assisted sailor (but not as a volunteer), you will need to pay a sailing fee of £10 for every sailing session (half day) (adult) or £5 (young person).


If you want to sail regularly you may wish to pay one of the following annual fees with reduced session fees:


Adults can either pay £60 for the year plus £5 for each sailing session, or £110 for the year with no further sailing fees.


Young person (young people ages 6-17) can pay £55 for the year with no further sailing fees. Parents/Guardians are asked to act as volunteers on behalf of junior members.