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Hansa (Access) 303

With joystick steering and a heavy keel for stability they provide the perfect boat for a gentle introduction with one of our volunteers alongside you, or sailing to your limits on your own.

Hansa (Access) 2.3

These are a smaller version of the Hansa 303, perfect as a beginner boat for children as young as 6.

Hansa Liberty

For more experienced single handed sailors. We have a full set of servos for those with restricted mobility, including sip and puff capability.

Martin 16

A single or double handed adapted keelboat with a spinnaker, perfect for those looking to stretch their skills.

Hawk 20 keelboat

These allow assisted sailors and their carers to enjoy being on the water with lots of support, crewed by volunteers.

Laser Pico

This popular beginner dinghy is perfect for children and adults with full mobility looking to learn how to sail a conventional boat.


Stable but fast, this is the classic 2 person conventional dinghy


A smaller version of the Wayfarer with a spinnaker; good for learning how the crew work together.


Test your skills with this demanding light and agile two person boat.

Byte CII

We have two singlehander Byte CIIs, a lighter version of a Laser with a more modern adjustable rig. Good for developing your skills, especially when it gets windy!

RS Feva

This is a standard two person youth boat with an asymmetric spinnaker.


We always have at least one safety boat on the water to act as support and to offer helpful sailing tips.

Additional Adaptations

We have adapted the Hawk 20 keelboats for helms with limited mobility, either with a central seat and servo steering or a sliding board and bar to help the helm cross the boat.

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