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Crossbench and Bar on Hawk 20
Hawk 20 with servo and shortened tiller
Martin 16 with servo helm
Hawk 20 with servo steering
awk 20 with servo steering


Hawk 20 and Martin 16 adaptations

Hawk 'Tanni' now has a joystick controlled servo-powered tiller fitted, and fixings for a centrally placed, sliding Liberty seat.
With the addition of a two-man crew, this enables her to be joystick helmed with the motor, away from the dock.

In a different configuration, she also has a ‘Bar and Bench’ adaptation to assist the helm in moving across the boat when going about.

Martin 16 is also fitted for the servo-powered helm.


Thanks to Paul Bennett and Mark Firth for all their efforts in designing this system and enabling more sailors access to the water.

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