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Our community covers the whole range of ages, impairments, experiences and motivations. From assisted novices to ancient mariners, all have something to contribute. We share a desire to spend time together in the open air by the water.



The ethos of Tideway is that all our members are volunteers and help each other, irrespective of any disability you may have. We also like our volunteers to feel like full members of our community. Whether it is launching boats for those who cannot or less physical help such as offering advice and sailing tips; everyone at Tideway has something to offer, even if it is simply inspirational by being brave enough to sail against all the odds. Our philosophy is to encourage all our sailors with disabilities to develop their sailing skills such that they eventually may, if they wish and are confident enough, become solo sailors and thus take complete personal control. Our membership is a community of people of all ages from 6 years old upwards with or without disabilities who sail together.


OODs and safety cover

Every day at Tideway is managed by one of our team of Officers of the Day. They are responsible for your activities and safety.


They are supported by a safety boat driver with an RYA Safety Boat qualification, in our Rigiflex safety boat and standard safety equipment. In the unlikely event that you get into difficulties, they can quickly reach you with assistance. They have current First Aid qualifications and additional assistance is usually available in the watersports centre. In practice they spend their time offering advice and encouragement to those on the water.


When you return to the pontoon, our volunteers will be ready to help you tie up, give you a hand if you need it, or hoist you into a wheelchair if required.

Stuart Lund

Stuart is an RYA Coastal Yachtmaster and is a Powerboat /Safety Boat Instructor. He has been with Tideway for over four years and has had experience of club sailing in the UK and Australia.

Souter Harris

Souter joined Tideway as a volunteer in 2001 and has sailed extensively in both Europe and the Caribbean.

Dave Shill

Dave has been volunteering at Tideway for over ten years and has a background in boat building, repair and maintenance.

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