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Meet Glynis

Living in London, sailing isn't an obvious sport of choice. I had been looking to get involved in an activity I could progress to competition in for quite some time. By chance I remembered a friend had sailed years ago in an area not far from where I live. I decided to take a look a couple of months ago just to see if it still existed. I checked online and found Tideway Sailing Club. I was still unsure whether I'd be able to sail or if I'd even like it once I started! So I dropped by to have a chat and see what would be available ...or possible. I had never sailed before, although I'd been in canoes, rowing boats etc and I've always loved anything to do with water. I met Stuart Lund who kindly took me out in a free boat, explained the set-up ie: days and times Tideway was open etc and made me feel very welcome. Everybody at Tideway has been extremely friendly and helpful. I've returned weekly now and love being on the water...the windier the better! I became disabled as a teenager quite suddenly and had been very athletic and competitive...I've channelled that into other areas of my life but often wished there was a sport I could do well. Now, fingers crossed, I may just have found one in sailing! I brought one of my sisters along too and she loves it. Her first experience of sailing was awful, so I'm pleased Tideway has changed her view 100%!! She found it relaxed her and eased her stress no end. I think anyone thinking of trying something different should pop along and have a chat, try out how being on the boat may be to do something relaxing or competitive...the flexibility to do either is a great characteristic of Tideway. I am so glad I found this little gem in the heart of London…who knows where it will take me!!

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