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Sea-Change Sailability Barge Trip

Sea-Change was formed in 2007 to make a real impact to the lives of disabled or disadvantaged young people and vulnerable adults, through the provision of action centred learning and seamanship training. We work with about 200 clients annually, including those with special needs or learning differences, those challenged by traditional educational settings or experiencing social exclusion, as well as those considering maritime careers.

Fancy trying your hand at big boat sailing? We are talking Thames sailing barges, stable, powerful vessels with comfort and space below. Come to live and sail aboard for 5 days starting on Monday 26th September 2016. You will visit some of the remoter parts of the Thames estuary and there will be time to explore ashore too.

You will be part of our Adult Sailability week and a carer can come too if you wish. We offer bursaries to assist with funding if necessary as no one should be excluded due to inability to pay. However, this voyage is available half price at £250 each with lifejackets and protective clothing provided.

So come and learn some traditional seamanship skills. Find out more at or by email

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